2025 Toyota Stout Preview: New Compact Truck – Specs, Expectations, Release Date

The 2025 Toyota Stout is the latest project by the Japanese company. This is a small pickup truck that will be positioned under Tacoma. The compact truck market is still new, but Toyota doesn’t want to give an edge to Ford and Hyundai. At this moment, Maverick and Santa Cruz are the only models in this class. Soon, besides the Stout, there will be GM’s representatives (GMC Syclone, Chevy EL Camino) and Ram units (Ram 1200, Dodge Ram Dakota).

For now, we know that Toyota obtained rights to use the nameplate. Experts guess the new truck will be out in the 2025 YM. Existing compact trucks are borrowing platforms from small crossovers. Maverick shares the architecture with Escape and Santa Cruz with Tucson. Using this analogy, the 2025 Toyota Stout will be based on the Rav4. Not a bad idea, since the crossover is the best-seller in its class. Plus, the specs fit perfectly to the idea of the small pickup.

2025 Toyota Stout concept

2025 Toyota Stout Specs

Under the bonnet of the 2025 Toyota Stout will be the same engines the Rav4 crossover is using. For starters, that should be a naturally-aspirated four-cylinder mill. A 2.5-liter unit can produce 203 ho and 185 lb-ft of torque, for the maximum towing capacity of 1,500 pounds. Properly equipped, the crossover can haul 3,500 lbs. We’ll see what packages the Stout is going to use. Depending on that, towing packages are being unlocked on some grades.

A hybrid is a better option if you are looking for a more efficient ride. The same petrol unit is under the hood, but it gets help from an electric battery to enhance power and mileage. The system produces 219 hp total, and the fuel economy will depend on the size of the truck and load. The crossover returns 40 mpg combined. The towing capacity is slightly better – 1,750 lbs. Both systems work fine with standard gasoline.

Finally, the PHEV model would be the ultimate upgrade if the pickup is going to be based on the Rav4 crossover. The Prime model is using more potent batteries to make 302 hp and have an electric range of 42 miles. The fuel consumption is still at a high level, just under 38 mpg. With extra power the towing capacity is increased. The PHEV crossover can haul 2,500 pounds. The 2025 Stout truck doesn’t need more.


The compact pickup class is still new one. Even midsize trucks had a rough time in the past and this market slowly recovered from the invasion of versatile SUVs that can tow a lot. But now, when many companies started building those kinds of pickups, Ford started the experiment with Maverick. The small truck made a strong impact right from the start and it speeded up other truckmakers. Toyota already announced the new model and we assume it is 2025 Stout. Multiple sources confirmed it as well. There are no doubts that the Japanese manufacturer wants to compete here.

More small pickups will come sooner or later as well. Hyundai was late to become the pioneer in this realm with its Santa Cruz. Now, Maverick and Stout won’t be only rivals. FCA will launch Ram 1200 or Dodge Dakota soon. General Motors is also working on their compact truck. Several names are being mentioned.

2025 Toyota Stout Release Date

There are all indications that the truck is not appearing as the 2024 YM. Toyota won’t rush to prepare the best vehicle that should conquer the market like the Tacoma did. It is not so simple though. Anyway, designers and engineers will have extra time for development and tests. The 2025 Toyota Stout won’t be out until the final quarter of next year. In the meantime, the Japanese truckmaker will provide more details about the new product.

Toyota already produced Stout truck between 1954 and 2000


First of all, everyone expects from the 2025 Toyota Stout to be durable and reliable as all other Toyota vehicles. That is one of the keys of success of the Japanese company. Then, there is a resale value. However, it depends on the popularity of the class, which is still unexplored. The PHEV truck is something new as well. Toyota might use a turbo-four instead, to match the outputs of the high-end Ford Maverick.

The company is revisiting the TNGA platform. The new generation will be developed in partnership with Subaru. Of course, Toyota will carry over the best things, such as a low center of gravity and unique handling/maneuvering. The TRD lineup is not expected. The Stout is a small truck whose main purpose is driving in urban streets. Other trim levels you got used to from Toyota will be there, including high-end premium grades.

The price of the new 2025 Toyota Stout will be around $23,000, which is similar to the Ford Maverick. But the Blue Oval company starts it off with a hybrid drivetrain. Santa Cruz is more expensive.

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