2025 RAM Dakota Release Date, Specs, and Engine Options

Ram is launching a new truck soon. That is the perfect opportunity to analyze a potential comeback of an old nameplate. The 2025 RAM Dakota is a potential candidate to take the position in the compact class. From what we know so far, it can also be the Ram 1200. The vehicle is under development and tests have started. The first spy photos are there, but the company is not unveiling details.

The 2025 RAM Dakota being a compact truck is not a surprise. Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz broke the ice and other truckmakers are now joining the bandwagon. Small delivery vehicles won’t achieve some breathtaking towing capacities. The main goal is good fuel economy since you’ll see those pickups mostly in urban areas. One of them could be a familiar name if FCA decides to go out with a more distinctive model, rather than numbers.

2025 ram dakota

2025 RAM Dakota Concept

A few years ago, the future of pickup trucks was under question mark. SUVs and their versatility wiped out other classes. However, trucks survived thanks to their working characteristics. So, towing capacity made them go through a tough period.

The future of mid-size models was under the question mark. FCA had no representative here until the launch of the Jeep Gladiator. It was the Jeep’s comeback to the pickup class after 30 years. Fans expected the Ram truck here, and that is when the Ram 1200 nameplate appeared. More companies are now building mid-size pickups. But, the production of even smaller models started. Ford brought Maverick and experts criticized this move heavily. But, it turned out to be a good move.

The prototype of the truck is on the streets. The first name given to the vehicle is Ram 1200. Well, there were a lot of other Rams in the rumors before, such as the small Ram 800 and the Ram 2000, a kind of rival to the Nissan Titan XD. So, we are taking the new model’s nameplate with a reserve and there are plenty of fans believing that the new model could be 2025 RAM Dakota. Some old fans also think about the Dodge badge.

2025 RAM Dakota Specs

Compact trucks are crossover-based and Jeep Cherokee is probably the best platform for the 2025 RAM Dakota. That means the pickup can also get the same drivetrain options. Fans are not too happy about it. The base configuration uses a 2.4-liter naturally-aspirated unit with just 180 hp. Ford Maverick delivers 191 hp, but from a hybrid system that also returns a high gas mileage. Dakota, with the Tigershark engine won’t be so impressive, even if engineers manage to squeeze 30 mpg on highway rating.

Optional drivetrain seems to be a better choice. A 2.0-liter turbo mill delivers 270 hp. Again, compared to the Maverick, this is a good output, since Ford’s truck has a similar setup. Once again, the fuel economy is bad, and this should be the vehicle for urban deliveries.

The solution is simple. Or not. A small hybrid truck can meet different demands, including gas mileage in the first place. But, FCA doesn’t have a system that can be competitive with Ford and Toyota vehicles. The 4xe is a PHEV with high power outputs. The revisited system might be used for the 2025 RAM Dakota. However, outputs and mileage are unpredictable.

Special Models and Highlights

As a small delivery pickup, the 2025 RAM Dakota won’t be so interesting to serious truckers. The company has a full bag of tricks to draw more attention. Just take a look at Jeep Gladiator with a diesel engine, or 4xe PHEV model, or TRX for the Ram 1500. We can mention a lot more unique upgrades available for some models. So, this is one of the ways to present the 2025 Dakota to a wider base of truckers.

Trailhawk is one of the best standard editions, but the new compact truck is more focused on urban areas. We doubt it will be used off the road. The Dakota 4xe is very likely to become the top of the range grade with advanced tech and an upgraded hybrid engine. Rebel, Rubicon and other similar configurations are also off the table. Limited package can add luxury. High Altitude is something that should be the best trim level when it comes to comfort and infotainment system.

When Will 2025 RAM Dakota Be Available?

Since the test mule is on the roads, we will find out more about the 2025 RAM Dakota pretty soon. Or whatever name the company chooses for the small pickup. Anyway, if the FCA doesn’t bring back Dakota now, it is very unlikely that the return is happening any time soon. The lineup will be complete and there won’t be room for any new models. The vehicle might also appear with the Dodge badge. The last edition of Dakota was in 2011.

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