2025 Lincoln Pickup: Mark LT and Navigator Truck

These rumors are loud again. The 2025 Lincoln pickup might be back in the market with expansion of the segment to the compact class. The next one could be a luxury model under the Lincoln brand. There are a lot of things we still want to know. But, Ford can provide all the different concepts and platforms for the premium truck. No matter what kind of a pickup it will be, Lincoln can count on the kick start.

It all depends on how big the 2025 Lincoln pickup is going to be. The truck might be a premium version of Maverick, Ranger, or F-150. Also, a few names are possible. Some fans mention Navigator truck, but it would be an SUV converted to another type of vehicle. Not a bad option, having in mind that Navigator is one of the best luxury SUVs in the market. Lincoln could bring back an old nameplate – Mark LT. Those two are favorites for now.

There are plenty of engine choices as well. Again, the selection will depend on the size of the truck. The luxury model is getting more power than the standard Ford version.

2025 Lincoln Pickup

Luxury Truck Market

The main reason why Lincoln is not present in the truck market anymore is a huge sales drop of luxury segment. The company dropped the Mark LT in 2014 for good, and the vehicle was not available in the US since 2008. News about the comeback sounds cool, but there are many obstacles on the way. There are many premium carmakers, and none of them is building a truck. As always, Ford can be a pioneer and launch the luxury truck pretty soon to test the market.

Other companies are not so keen on this. Mercedes tested the market with the X-Class. But, it was not a real Mercedes, since the German company only revisited Nissan Navara and treated it to look like Mercedes. After that, BWM slowed down the development of its pickup. Infiniti and Lexus are also being mentioned every now and then. But, the main rival is coming from General Motors factories – Cadillac Escalade EXT. There are rumors about this premium pickup as well, but also without official sources to confirm the development.

Under the Hood

A premium truck needs a lot of power, no matter how big it is. A V8 is a wish, but Ford is dropping big rigs and replacing it with smaller turbocharged units. Again, the company has a solution – a V6 with 450 hp. Even a hybrid system is available now to boost the gas mileage and torque. Nevertheless, there are a few V8s that can possibly deliver power for the 2025 Lincoln pickup. A supercharged 5.2-liter unit is an ultimate powertrain, but not too many vehicles can get this one. Ford Raptor R is one of the models available with 700 hp rated powerplant.

How the 2025 Lincoln Pickup Will Be Called?

There are two names we can hear about. The one is an old Mark LT. People still talk about the last Lincoln truck, although it was available for only a couple of seasons in the US. Another option is to build the pickup on the Navigator SUV platform. Cadillac did it previously with Escalade and we can also find rumors about its comeback. Navigator and Escalade could take the rivalry to the next level.


The 2025 Lincoln pickup is not so likely to happen. The luxury truck market is dead. If you are looking for such a model, it is easier to pick some cool existing truck and pick one of the high-end options. For example, Ford F-150 Limited for $90,000. Still, Lincoln touches can change the game for good.

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