2024 Toyota Hilux to Introduce Some Sort of Electrification?

The always popular truck is getting another redesign, get ready for the new 2024 Toyota Hilux. Per reports, the new Hilux will resemble the Land Cruiser SUV. We see this as an absolute win as the Land Cruiser is a very well-rounded vehicle. There are numerous rumors about electrification and if it is going to happen to the Hilux.

This would make sense, all of the manufacturers are racing towards going green before 2030. This means that there will be new architecture and platform for the pickup. The most probable suspect is the TNGA-F architecture. This should be able to accommodate all the electrical components under the cabin and the excess weight it comes with. Let’s see what is to come with the new Hilux.

Toyota Hilux Interior Improvements

The inside of the new Hilux isn’t getting many changes. This means that the 2024 Toyota Hilux will get smaller stylistic updates to make it contemporary. No one likes driving in a pickup with outdated style or technology. So more cushioning and better lumbar support is needed. This pickup likes to go off-road and it would be a good idea to give it a toolset to make the ride more enjoyable.

There is a central infotainment system which is a 13-inch screen. This allows the back row of passengers to join in on the fun. Five people can be seated comfortably. The dashboard is also digital but we are unsure about a heads-up display. Hands-free driving is a big question mark, but perhaps Toyota borrows one from Ford or GM.

2024 Toyota Hilux interior


On the outside, not much is changing for the 2024 Toyota Hilux. There will be minor tweaks to the body. This will make it more ergonomic and aerodynamic. Which in turn improves fuel economy. There are lightweight 19-inch wheel rims. They shave off some unnecessary weight to improve power to weight ratio and make the truck more powerful.

Big front grille as per usual, this makes the pickup look aggressive. Especially with protruding bumpers. There is no hook or winch capability for now. Perhaps it can be added with a certain trim. Headlights are linear and they give it a modern sleek look. Overall, the changes done to the exterior are enough to keep the pickup fresh.

Engine Specs and Rumors

The upcoming 2024 Toyota Hilux will continue as is. This means that there won’t be any drastic changes under the hood. We still get the choice of a 2.8-liter engine. It is a turbo diesel with 310 horsepower and over 500 pound-feet of torque. This is more than enough to make the big truck run over obstacles. There is also going to be a hybrid version that has a single electric motor. This boasts around 210 horsepower which is still enough for the pickup to do its job. This will surely improve fuel economy but some people simply love their trucks with a bit more power. It is strange that Toyota still hasn’t gone fully electric with the Hilux. Ford managed to pull it off with their F-150 Lightning.

And since Toyota is a pioneer with electric vehicles, we don’t see the issue there. Perhaps they haven’t tweaked everything out, or it simply isn’t as perfect as they hoped it would be. But an electric powertrain would have many benefits. Starting from cheaper fuel. Gasoline is getting more expensive as you read this. Some companies even offer free charging for up to 2 years with the purchase of an electric vehicle. With a battery of at least 150 kWh, the Hilux would have a range above 300 miles and the power would be immense. Hopefully with two electric motors, one for each axle. Well, one can only hope for the best.

2024 Toyota Hilux Price and Release Date

We will probably see the new 2024 Toyota Hilux on the road later in 2023. This is of course if no more supply chain issues arise. The pandemic did a number on the shipping logistics. There will be several trims available. The basic one is estimated at around $27,000 which is the average price for a pickup of that category.

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