Audi SUV Pickup Truck Concept

After the debut of the Urbansphere concept, a lot of new rumors emerged about future Audi vehicles. This is an electric architecture designed mainly for SUVs. However, the latest images are showing an expanded purpose. The Audi SUV pickup truck could be based on this project.

But, those are just rumors. It is more likely that Urbansphere underpins electric SUVs, while the Audi SUV pickup truck shares the platform with a future full-size SUV. The Q9 would be a rival to BMW X7 and Mercedes GLS. Also, we expect news about the platform it is going to use. Mercedes is using unibody architecture for its full-size SUV, while the BMW X7 sits on a ladder frame. This is going to decide in which direction the Audi truck is heading.

Fans of the German carmaker don’t have to worry about one thing – powertrains. The company has a lot of potent units to install under the hood of the upcoming pickup. The bad news is that everything about the vehicle is just a rumor based on stories by trustless sources. But, it is cool to think about a possible debut in the new segment.

Audi SUV Pickup Truck Concept

New SUV and a New Truck

According to some sources, Audi is working on a new SUV – the biggest one in the lineup. Everyone expected the Q8 to take the position in the full-size segment, so its debut was quite a disappointment. But, the Q9 is the last piece of the puzzle. That should be a priority for Audi, and only then we can see the truck. Vehicles are going to share the platform and engines.

When it comes to the styling, we can’t predict what the carmaker plans with new arrivals. The Q8 surprised all the fans with sleek design and improvisations. Now, the Q9 and the Audi SUV pickup truck could take a more traditional approach with boxier looks. The interior of both models will be cozy and full of advanced options.

Audi SUV Pickup Truck Specs

We are eagerly waiting for the new Q9, not just because of it, but also because of the Audi SUV pickup truck. The new model will show us what to expect from the pickup. A 2.0-liter engine is not likely, although it is pretty potent. Still, the luxury truck needs to impress, and 250 horsepower won’t do that.

Instead, a 3.0-liter can improve the situation with 335 hp and 369 lb-ft. That is more than most mid-size trucks can do. Well, the focus is more on the advanced equipment. But, the Audi truck needs an engine that can help it tow. If the pickup offers 7,700 pounds to its buyers, that won’t be a disaster. An automatic transmission is standard and Quattro is a famous all-wheel drive system.

The best performance comes from a mighty V8 unit. A 4.0-liter displacement is going to make at least 500 horsepower, which is something we want to see from an Audi truck. On some vehicles, the powerplant can explode for more than 650 hp. For now, we don’t expect the Audi SUV pickup truck to go after performance-oriented trucks – Ram TRX and Ford Raptor R.

Audi SUV Pickup Truck Release Date and Price

We need to follow updates on the Q9 model, which has a higher priority. The SUV-based truck will be out after that one. We expect the first official hints and announcements early in 2024. The concept is coming out in the second half of the year, while the sales probably won’t start so soon. We might see the Audi SUV pickup truck as a 2026 or 2027 YM.

The price of the luxury truck will be hefty. It depends on the size and engine. Compared to current pickups available in the US, the Audi SUV pickup truck will start at a similar level with the highest-level trims of vehicles of a similar size. So, as a midsize model, don’t expect it under $50,000. A full-size truck will be priced over $75,000. With a V8 engine and massive outputs, the pickup would cost more than $100k.

What About BMW and Mercedes Trucks?

When any German company from the Big Three circle makes something new, others are following. But, this is a specific segment, where utility is way more important than luxury. That is why Audi, BMW and Mercedes are not pushing too much to enter the market.

Well, the tri-point star was on the front grille of a pickup a few years ago. The X-Class failed. As an excuse, it wasn’t all-Mercedes but revisited Nissan Navara. However, the German company didn’t want to invest hard in this segment. There are also rumors about the BMW truck based on the X7. This one makes more sense since the SUV is using a body-on-frame architecture, which is a way better option for a pickup. For now, nothing is official. But, if the Audi SUV pickup truck shows up, be sure the other two manufacturers will launch rivals pretty soon.

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