2024 Nissan Navara Will Receive New Powertrain

The 2024 Nissan Navara is almost here, and this famous pickup truck will receive a couple of major updates. That includes a range of upgrades, from brand-new styling to refreshed interior and possibly new powertrain options. Whatsoever, this should be the next-gen model, so redesign makes perfect sense.

Navara has been in production since 1997, and this model is also available in North America as Nissan Frontier. This truck is known for its practicality, durability, and versatility. The next model will be more competitive, especially if it arrives with some sort of electrified powertrain. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know.

Nissan Navara Redesign

The Japanese automaker is expected to release the next-gen 2024 Nissan Navara with several major upgrades. The truck’s styling is one area where we can expect many improvements. Nissan is known for its daring and modern styling, so we hope to see a recognizable styling with a well-known V-Motion grille. However, the grille will get bigger, and more angular headlights are also on the way.

All trim levels will feature new wheels, new exterior colors, and new appearance packages. Moreover, we expect to see more standard equipment. On the other hand, we don’t know what exactly will this redesign bring to the table. In any case, a major overhaul is just around the corner.

2024 Nissan Navara redesign

Interior Changes

The cabin of the 2024 Nissan Navara will also receive significant changes. For a start, the goal is to deliver more tech. Thanks to that, the Navara pickup truck will offer a new and larger infotainment touchscreen. Furthermore, updated infotainment and additional safety and driver-assistance aids are also on the way.

Nissan will also try to deliver a higher level of comfort, so this model will probably offer new upholstery. The vehicle’s dimensions should remain intact, so don’t expect improved interior room in this next-gen model. Again, all trim levels will largely benefit from these updates, providing more standard features, and some brand-new and optional amenities.

New Engine Option

The upcoming 2024 Nissan Navara will probably receive a new engine option. However, there’s more to come, as Nissan plans to deliver some sort of hybrid powertrain. On top of that, some rumors are already predicting an all-electric version. All three outcomes are quite plausible, but only one or two of them will actually happen.

Another big task for Nissan is to improve Navara’s off-road capability. Therefore, off-road trim levels such as Pro-4X will receive a couple of upgrades under the skin as well. As for the regular Nissan Navara, a 2.3-liter turbodiesel will be on offer once again. New optional engine is reportedly in the works. Unfortunately, we don’t know if it’s hybrid output or a regular internal-combustion engine.

2024 Nissan Navara Release Date and Price

The forthcoming 2024 Nissan Navara will hit the dealerships in the last quarter of 2023, per source. A couple of rumors are strongly suggesting the Navara EV model at some point during 2024, but this is far from official right now. In any case, the entry-level Navara will now exceed starting price of $30,000.

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