2021 Ford Ranger Hybrid Will Feature Combined Output of 365 Horsepower!?

The famous mid-size pickup has recently come back to North America but that doesn’t mean that there are no novelties to come in the near future. Moreover, the Blue Oval company prepares a complete overhaul for the next year. Among numerous novelties, we are also about to see the 2021 Ford Ranger Hybrid. The company will put focus on efficiency this time. Still, that doesn’t mean the new generation will suffer in terms of work capabilities or any other aspect.

The new model is already under development and if we can rely on the latest reports, the next-generation model, including the hybrid version, will arrive next year.

2021 Ford Ranger Hybrid Render
Image Source: Motor1

2021 Ford Ranger Hybrid Specs

Of course, the thing that draws the most attention in this particular case is the drivetrain and it looks like the Blue Oval company prepares something really potent. It looks like the 2021 Ford Ranger Hybrid will use a pretty capable system, which is based on a 2.3-liter turbo-four. The new model is about to come in the PHEV configuration. This means you may count on a pretty large battery pack, which will be positioned under the floor, as well as on a  pretty potent electric motor(s). Some sources suggest a combined output of 365 horsepower and more than 500 pound-feet of torque, which really promises excellent performances.

With such numbers, we may count on strong capabilities, not just in terms of towing, but in terms of acceleration as well. Of course, good fuel economy seems like a certain thing. Still, we don’t believe in that 78 mpg some sources were talking about.

2021 Ford Ranger Hybrid Design

The 2021 Ford Ranger Hybrid will come as a part of the new generation. Despite that the current model came back to North America just recently, we are actually talking about the generation that has been around for a full decade. Therefore, the redesign seems like a natural thing.

From what we can see, it looks like the Australian department will once again take charge of development. So, the new model will appear in Australia first. Some rendering photos have already been around they show possible new design language. However, it is still early to talk about details.

2021 Ford Ranger Hybrid
Image Source: caradvice.com.au

At this point, we can only speculate and one of the things that come to our mind is that the Hybrid version will probably be reserved for higher-end versions. Among other things, this also means it won’t be available in single cab models, but rather in double cab layouts and higher trim levels only. More details will be known in the next couple of months.

2021 Ford Ranger Hybrid Styling and Interior Design

Despite the age, the current generation still looks pretty good. The Aussies did a fantastic job by implementing all those classic lines. So, the truck somehow still looks fresh, unlike rivals like Colorado. Therefore, we are pretty sure that the 2021 Ford Ranger Hybrid will come with evolutionary changes only. Naturally, this particular model will certainly come with several exclusive details, though it is still early to talk about them.

When it comes to interior design, we presume that Ford will put much more effort than before. Small pickup trucks are far more than working machines these days. So, count on notably finer materials, more attractive aesthetics and loads of new tech and safety features. The 2021 Ford Ranger Hybrid, in particular, should come with the different instrument cluster. Still, the overall dashboard design won’t be much different compared to the rest of the lineup.

Release Date

We expect to see the 2021 Ford Ranger Hybrid sometime in the next year. Details about the price are still unknown.

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