2020 Tesla Electric Pickup Truck – Name is still a Mystery (Model U, Model P, Model T or something Else?)

It looks like Tesla will once again pioneer the segment. This time, it is about the all-electric pickup truck. At this moment, we don’t have too many details about it. Still, it looks like the company is about to launch it already in the next year. Moreover, the latest reports are suggesting that the premiere could be scheduled already late in this year. No matter when it arrives, its name is still a mystery. Some of the names that are in conversations are Model U, Model P, Model T etc. At this point, we will simply call it 2020 Tesla Electric Pickup Truck.

Most of the details about it are still kept as a secret, but we can make some predictions, based on rumors, speculations and, of course, Elon Musk’s tweets. It looks like the new model will be very competitive. It should be able to deliver better performances than you would expect from a conventional truck.

2020 Tesla Electric Pickup

2020 Tesla Electric Pickup Truck Design

Interestingly, we can easily presume some of the details about the new truck, but base design characteristics are still a mystery. At this point, we can only say for sure that the new model will be a full-size pickup truck and compete with models like F-150, Chevy Silverado, Toyota Tundra etc. Other than that, it’s all about speculations. Considering that this will be a kind of luxury vehicle, we presume that Tesla won’t offer some basic versions, with a regular cab or similar layouts. The new model would come rather as a comfortable and luxurious truck, with the focus both on performances and comfort. Therefore, we count on a very advanced drivetrain setup. This probably means a little bit different setup compared to units we can find in the company’s current lineup.


Although there is no official information about the powertrain or any other specific details, we can rely on Musk’s tweets and rumors. According to Tesla’s first man, the new model will definitely feature a dual electric motor setup, which clearly indicates AWD layout. Also, we hear that the new model will be very capable. We can even hear talks about 30.000 pounds of max towing ratings or something like that, which is on par with most capable heavy-duty models from Chevy, Ford and Ram.

Besides excellent work characteristics, the new 2020 Tesla Electric Pickup Truck will also be very fast. Elon Musk claims the new truck will be as fast as Porsche 911, at least in a straight line. However, he didn’t precise which 911 version. So, we presume it’s about the base model, which needs around 4.0 seconds to get to 60 miles per hour, which sounds impressive for a pickup truck.

2020 Tesla Electric Pickup name

Of course, such a large vehicle and a huge amount of power and torque would require a large battery pack as well. At this point, we don’t know the exact capacity, but we are pretty sure it will be positioned under the flor, which will also provide a lower center of gravity, which could be highly beneficial in terms of driving characteristics as well.

It is still early to talk about the range, though latest reports suggest the new truck would be able to make between 400 and 500 miles on a single range, which sounds very impressive.

2020 Tesla Electric Pickup Truck Price

According to Elon Musk, the base 2020 Tesla Electric Pickup Truck will go under 49.000 dollars. Compared to conventional trucks, this seems a little bit high. However, if we consider the truck’s expected performances, this model is easily on par with most expensive versions and HD models. Considering that EV technology is still pretty expensive, the logical question that comes to mind is where will Tesla save the money? The answer is super-simple – interior quality.

2020 Tesla Electric Pickup concept

Interior Design

We presume that the company will cut production cost by installing some lower-rent interior materials. After all, that is what Tesla practices in other models as well. Therefore, don’t count on some premium-quality cabin, but rather much closer to the economy class. On the other side, we have no doubt that this won’t be the case with tech features. We are pretty sure that the 2020 Tesla Electric Pickup Truck will come with a full load of the latest technologies, including advanced driver aids as well.

Speaking of technologies, one of the most interesting features should be a dynamic self-leveling suspension.

2020 Tesla Electric Pickup Truck Release Date and Competition

We expect to see 2020 Tesla Electric Pickup Truck sometime in the next year. When it comes to the competition, there are few models that come to our mind.

The first one is definitely the new Rivian RT1, a product from the new Michigan-based company, which is production-ready and can be ordered. This truck features a max towing capacity of 11.000 pounds and a max payload of 1.800 pounds. Starting price goes around 69.000 dollars.
Also, keep in mind that Ford is also developing an all-electric version of the next-generation F-150.

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