This Makes 2025 RAM 2500 the Best HD Truck

The company updated its heavy-duty segment right after the redesign of the Ram 1500 half-ton truck. It’s been 5 years already. During this period, the Ram HD lineup was bringing minor changes on the body and across trim levels. The 2025 RAM 2500 Power Wagon is still going to be a unique build, unavailable for other models. Regular Cab, Crew Cab and Mega Cab are cabin configurations, while under the hood you can find either petrol or diesel units.

To get the best from the 2025 RAM 2500, you will need the Cummins engine. However, if you want the maximum towing capacity, you need a Ram 3500 and a dual rear wheel setup. That is not the end of options for the HD truck. First, you need to select a trim level. There will be at least 7 grades. Upper trims can offer luxurious features and accessories. The Power Wagon is the best choice for an off-road drive.

There are a few things designers and engineers could improve for the 2025 Dodge Ram 2500. For example, better noise isolation of the cabin would be welcome, especially for trucks using a diesel engine. Some safety features are optional, although we expect them to be standard.

2025 RAM 2500 rebel

Engines, Specs, Diesel Power

The Cummins diesel drivetrain is the best thing about the 2025 RAM 2500 and it makes the difference in the HD class. Other similar vehicles (Ford F-250 and Chevrolet Silverado 2500) are also using oil burners, but with 8 cylinders. Cummins builds its mill with inline-six technology. This turbodiesel delivers 370 hp and 850 lb-ft of torque. A High-Output version is available for the Dodge Ram 3500 model. There, the engine produces 420 horsepower and 1,075 lb-ft. Those numbers could go up for the 2025 YM, as well as the towing capacity, which is now at 37,000 pounds. Still, you need to equip the Ram 3500 properly to get these numbers.

If diesel is not your cup of tea, the company also offers a 6.4-liter petrol configuration. In this case, the torque drops to 429 lb-ft, while the power output is 410 ponies. This engine can do 475 hp and 475 lb-ft on some high-end configurations for the company’s SUVs. The towing capacity is 18,000 pounds.

2025 RAM 2500 Allison Transmission Rumors

This is a secret from the title – heavy-duty Dodge Ram trucks could get a new transmission for Cummins engine. General Motors introduced a new gearbox by Allison, which made the Silverado HD class much better. Immediately, speculations about upgrades on other heavy-duty trucks started. Ford won’t change configurations, while the Stellantis group wants the current AISIN transmission improvements. Either this is going to happen, or the company will have to replace the gearbox to maximize the potential of their HD models. The 2025 RAM 2500 Allison is something that sounds good. But…

Experts don’t believe this is going to happen any time soon. The truck needs a redesign and probably a new platform to mix the Cummins engine and Allison transmission. Also, these are just rumors and the company is yet to confirm plans for the Dodge Ram HD class. The redesign is close. Besides the fresh styling, designers could make the Allison transmission possible for Ram trucks.

2025 RAM 2500 power wagon

2025 RAM 2500 Power Wagon and Other Packages

The Power Wagon is the most interesting build since it is a unique package for the Dodge Ram 2500. This model is an off-road specialist thanks to 4WD, reinforced bumpers, special suspension for difficult terrains, and locking axles. The disconnecting front stabilizer bar will add extra room for wheels movements when off-roading. A slightly lighter all-terrain configuration is the 2025 RAM 2500 Rebel. One of the differences is that Power Wagon is not offering a diesel engine.

The above off-road models are premium packages – Limited Longhorn and Limited. The first one comes with genuine leather upholstery, ambient lights, wood interior details, cooled seats, and memory settings for driver’s bucket. The Limited edition puts even more luxurious features – storage bins in the bed (RamBox), a 12-inch infotainment system, 20-inch wheels…

Not too many truckers will be willing to spend more than $70,000 for the ride. Even the entry-level Tradesman is a hard worker. With the base price of $45,000, there is no surprise why this model is fans’ favorite. The offer is basic, with steel wheels and a bench in the front row. Big Horn brings some cool upgrades and it is called Lone Star in Texas. Laramie is the package for those who want a dose of luxury, but not the premium price.

2025 RAM 2500 interior

2025 Dodge RAM 2500 Competition

Only three big US truckmakers are building heavy-duty trucks. Both Ford and General Motors are offering similar configurations for their Series 2 models. Personal preferences and optional upgrades will be breaking points. There are rumors about the Toyota Tundra HD truck, but the Japanese company is yet to confirm the development of the new model. On the other hand, Nissan still doesn’t give up on the Titan XD, although it is something between the heavy-duty and half-tone trucks.

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