Elon Musk Confirms Tesla Cybertruck [Release Date: 2021]

The Tesla Cybertruck has finally been presented and impressions are amazing, at least when we look at the expected numbers. Besides the ultra-distinctive look that finds inspiration in old sci-fi movies, this truck also promises a lot in terms of capability and practicality. Three drivetrain options, impressive max towing capacity, functional cargo bed, and spacious cabin are some of the things we should mention. Also, all of this at a pretty attractive price, which isn’t much higher compared to internal-combustion rivals. According to the latest reports, Tesla Cybertruck will start the production in about a year.

Tesla Cybertruck

Three Electric Motors!

Of course, the most interesting aspect of the Tesla Cybertruck is drivetrain and performances. We are about to see three variants of this truck, with a single, dual and tri-motor layout. Although the exact numbers are still unavailable, even the most basic model will be pretty fast, with the 0-60 time in about 6.5 seconds and a top speed of 110 mph. Also, this version will feature a max range of around 250 miles, which seems quite decent for the entry-level model.

The dual motor version will be notably more capable. Once again, the exact numbers are unavailable, but it looks like this version will need just 4.5 seconds to hit 60 miles per hour, while the top speed will go around 120 mph. Also, count on a range of more than 300 miles.

Finally, there is the tri motor version, which will be a flagship version that accelerates from zero to sixty in less than three seconds. The top speed will go over 130 mph while the max range should be more than 500 miles.

Tesla Cybertruck Towing Capacity

In theory, the Tesla Cybertruck sounds amazing. Not only that it will be faster than any internal-combustion rival, but it will also be able to tow more. According to Musk, base models will feature a max towing capacity of 7.500 pounds, while the dual motor model will be good for about 10.000 pounds. Finally, the tri motor version promises class-leading numbers, as it should be capable of towing more than 14.000 pounds. All models will feature a max payload capacity of 3.500 pounds.

Tesla Cybertruck vs F-150

Tesla Cybertruck Design

Forget about that Tesla Cybertruck armor glass fiasco, the new truck actually features a design that isn’t just amazing in terms of aesthetics, but also offers a high level of practicality and functionality. In terms of size, it stands somewhere between full-size and mid-size pickup trucks. However, if we look at the overall functionality and capacities, this is a genuine full-size pickup. Not only that it can tow more than trucks like F-150, but it also features a more spacious cabin and the same cargo bed size, despite the notably shorter wheelbase. All Tesla Cybertruck models will come with a 6’5” cargo bed, while the cabin comes with two spacious rows of seats and seating capacity for six people.

Another thing we really like about the Tesla Cybertruck is the suspension setup. All models will come with an adjustable air suspension on both axles. Moreover, you can adjust the suspension on the fly, and the truck can go up to  16 inches from the ground.

Interior Design

Tesla models are known for simple cabin designs and the Tesla Cybertruck interior isn’t an exception. The dashboard is extremely simple and it is highlighted by a huge 17-inch touchscreen, which replaces pretty much every physical button.

As we already mentioned, the cabin is also pretty functional. Besides the large Tesla Cybertruck bed, the cabin also offers plenty of space. Six seats and plenty of legroom is something you may count on with this model.

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck Release Date and Price

When it comes to the Tesla Cybertruck availability, it looks like the new truck will hit the market by the end of next year, as the 2022 year model. In terms of the price, the base single motor version will cost 39.900 dollars. When it comes to dual and tri-motor versions, they will cost around 49.900 and 69.900 dollars, respectively.

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