2021 Hummer Big Comeback [Electric Pickup Truck]

We’ve been hearing rumors about this comeback for a quite long time and it looks like that the 2021 Hummer is finally a certain thing. Those are the latest reports we get from our reliable source. Things should be pretty interesting here. The famous military-inspired vehicle is coming back but in a little bit different form. More precisely, it will be an all-electric model, which will put GM in the game with all those brand-new pickups that are on the way. At this point, we don’t know the exact details about the 2021 Electric Hummer, so the upcoming paragraphs are based mostly on rumors.

2021 Hummer

2021 Hummer Design

Things in the automotive industry are happening pretty fast these days and one of the main reasons for such a trend is electrification. Trucks are no exception and there are already several interesting models to come. Tesla Cybertruck, RivianR1T and other electric pickup trucks are mostly about efficiency and performances, but all of them have one more thing in common. They all feature pretty exclusive aesthetics.

A great thing for GM is that it already has a trump up its pocket when it comes to aesthetics. While designed from other companies that have to work hard in order to create a great-looking, usually futuristic, pickup truck, GM will stick to a proven formula. They will use the established nameplate and the legendary Humvee inspired military look.

2021 Hummer Pickup Truck

2021 Hummer Will Be All-Electric

On one side, we will see a well-known look. On the other, things will be significantly different under the skin. So far, Hummer was known as a pretty thirsty vehicle. After all, that was one of the reasons for its discontinuation in 2010. This time, things will be completely different and we are about to see an all-electric powertrain. At this point, details are still unknown. All we know is that the 2021 Hummer will feature all-electric powertrain and that the initial model will come in the form of a pickup truck. Of course, SUV models are expected in the future as well.

Speaking of specs and performances, this won’t be the first time to see an electric Hummer. A couple of years ago, such a version was presented by an Austrian company called Kreisel Electric. This model featured a max output of 483 horsepower and a 100-kW battery pack, which is enough for about 180 miles on a single charge.

2021 Hummer Electric

When to expect 2021 Hummer?

The 2021 Hummer Truck will be the first model to come and we might see it already in the next year. Base models will probably go around 90.000 dollars. Also, we should mention that the new Hummer will be produced in the famous Hamtramck assembly in Michigan.

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