Volvo Pickup Truck Concept and Possible Release Date

Pickup trucks are amazingly popular these days and everyone wants its piece of a cake that is called global market. Even luxury carmakers are now in the game that was originally reserved for economy brands. The reason is simple, there are not just working machines anymore, but rather something far more refined. Major truck makers offer their products in various versions and trim levels, and some of them are very luxurious. Therefore, these rumors about the Volvo pickup truck doesn’t sound that strange at all. It may be that we are witnessing some kind of a Volvo pickup truck HOAX, but may also be that we are about to see another luxury truck in the near future.

Volvo Pickup Truck

Volvo Pickup Truck Rumors

In the past couple of months, we have seen a couple of Volvo pickup truck renderings from different sources. Although just drawings and computer animations, these pictures clearly indicate that something is cooking in Volvo’s kitchen. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you see some kind of a Volvo pickup truck concept in the near future. The company neither denied nor confirmed these rumors. Moreover, they are pretty quiet on this subject, which could actually mean something, eventually.

How would Volvo pickup truck look like?

We are pretty sure that the Volvo pickup truck would be heavily based on the company’s flagship SUV XC90. Moreover, the new truck would probably carry the same name, of course with additions of “truck” or “pickup”. Among other things, this would also mean the same platform. In practice, this means that the new model wouldn’t be a genuine truck, at least in eyes of purists. With a unibody platform, this truck would come with a similar design approach as Honda Ridgeline or the rumored pickup truck from BMW.

In practice, this would also mean the focus of comfort, rather than on working capabilities. Unibody pickups are far superior in terms of comfort and overall driving experience. Simply, a passenger car-sourced platform obviously means passenger car level of comfort. Of course, there are also obvious drawbacks in terms of working characteristics, as the new Volvo pickup won’t be able to tow more than 5/6.000 pounds, no matter the powertrain.

Volvo Pickup Truck Release Date

On the Inside

Another thing that may bother you is the cabin design. You have nothing to worry about. The Volvo pickup truck would be as luxurious as any other vehicle under this badge. In practice, that would mean the same dashboard design as in the XC90, while the cabin would be spacious enough to provide both enough interior space and decent cargo bed size. After all, the latest reports suggest that the Volvo pickup will feature a stretched wheelbase for about 10 inches. Logically, we would expect to see the new model in a crew cab layout only.

Volvo Pickup Truck Powertrain

This is easy! We have no doubt that if Volvo pickup truck ever arrives, it will share engines with the rest of the lineup. This would mean a variety of powertrain options, based on four-cylinder engines. The XC90 comes with several powertrain options in the offer, starting from a 2.0-liter turbo-four that is good for about 245 horsepower. A so-called twin-charged version of this engine comes with both turbo and supercharger, and the max output goes up to 316 horsepower. Finally, a plug-in hybrid delivers full 400 horsepower.

In Europe and other abroad markets, we expect to see diesel options as well.

Volvo pickup truck concept

Release Date

Keep in mind that all these details are nothing more than rumors at the moment. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that this truck could possibly arrive one day. When it comes to the Volvo pickup truck possible release date, it’s not hard to be clever and presume that we would see some kind of a concept version first. That could happen already in a year or something like that.

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