2021 Volvo Truck Rumors: What We Know So Far

Today’s automotive industry is all about SUVs and trucks, so it’s no wonder that all companies go in that direction. Volvo is no exception. It has been making luxury crossover for decades. According to some sources, there is a big chance to see the Swedish manufacturer in the segment of pickup trucks as well. The new 2021 Volvo Truck could arrive already in the next year and while the exact details are still unavailable, we can make some basic prediction.

Speaking of the base prediction, we know for sure that Volvo won’t enter the full-size segment. It will rather compete with compact pickup trucks. More precisely, it will compete with models like Honda Ridgeline and the upcoming Hyundai Santa Cruz, as the new Volvo will most likely ride on a modern, unibody platform. As we already mentioned, it could arrive already in the next year.

2021 Volvo Truck Rendering

2021 Volvo Truck Design

As we’ve just mentioned, one of the main design characteristics of the 2021 Volvo Truck would be the fact that it will ride on a unibody platform. Such an approach will provide superior ride quality, which seems perfectly appropriate for a luxury brand like Volvo. It will ensure a high level of comfort, though working capabilities won’t be at the same level as genuine BoF pickups.

The new pickup truck would probably have most things in common with the XC60. The compact crossover has been around for just a couple of years and it is fresh in every aspect. Most of the mechanics will be shared, though the 2021 Volvo Truck would feature notably bigger size, considering that this crossover measures just around 112.8 inches in wheelbase.

We presume that the same SUV will serve as inspiration in terms of the styling. The front end should look pretty much the same, based on the brand’s latest design language. Of course, the rest of the vehicle would come with a typical truck layout, and we have no doubt that the crew cab version will be the only one in the offer.

2021 Volvo Truck render


The crew cab version will be the only one in the offer. This means that the 2021 Volvo Truck will be quite generous in terms of space. You may count on two roomy rows of seats, which are both able to accommodate adults with ease. Besides lots of space, this cabin will also be pretty luxurious.

We presume that the dashboard will look largely the same as in the XC60. That would definitely be a great thing. The compact crossover features a hi-quality cabin, full of soft-touch materials and attractive aesthetics. Without any doubt, such interior design would make the 2021 Volvo Truck the most luxurious pickup truck on the market.

2021 Volvo Truck Engines

When it comes to powertrain, things are pretty simple with Volvo cars. The lineup includes a couple of gasoline models, as well as a plug-in hybrid version. Of course, there are also diesel engines in Europe but we won’t see them in North America. For the U.S. market, base models will feature a 2.0-liter turbo-four with around 250 horsepower. The same turbo-four engine is available in variants with additional supercharger. That model puts out 313 horsepower. Finally, such an engine can be coupled with an electric motor in a plug-in hybrid version, with a max output of 400 horsepower.

All these engines can find the place in the new 2021 Volvo Truck. Furthermore, let’s not forget that the Swedish manufacturer is working on a new, all-electric drivetrain. We presume that the new truck would be offered in such setup as well, though not for the initial model year.

2021 Volvo Truck Front

2021 Volvo Truck Release Date and Price

The 2021 Volvo Truck is still just a rumor, so it is early to talk about any more precise date until we get confirmation from the officials. When it comes to the price, we presume that base models would go around 40.000 dollars, roughly.

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