Dodge Rampage 2006 Concept That We Would Like To See In Production

From today’s perspective, Dodge Rampage seems like a forgotten concept, even by experts. However, many believe that this pickup truck has more potential today than it had 13 years ago. Simply, the truck market is getting bigger these days and such vehicles are more popular than ever. It’s not only about full-size models like F-150 or Ram 1500. Mid-size trucks are becoming more popular as well. This also includes unibody models as well. Honda Ridgeline successfully competes with traditional trucks for almost 15 years, while brand new models from Hyundai and some other carmakers are about to come in the near future as well. All this makes Dodge Rampage 2006 Concept something that may serve as the basis for the new unibody pickup truck, or even coupe utility that could come from FCA.

At this point, it is only a speculation, but definitely sounds likely.

Dodge Rampage 2006 Concept Design

When it comes to the Dodge Rampage 2006 Concept, this vehicle came with a pretty uncommon design approach for the time. Despite the bold and pretty rugged look, it is actually a car-based truck, which rides on a unibody platform. That makes it very driveable, something that isn’t necessary a pickup truck. The ride quality is much better. It is smoother, while handling is direct and responsive. Also, we should mention a lighter body, better efficiency, driving dynamics etc.

Dodge Rampage 2006 Concept

Traditional truck drivers probably wouldn’t like limited towing capabilities of a unibody platform. Still, there’s no doubt that many potential drivers would love this super-versatile design, which stands somewhere in the middle between a mid-size pickup truck and coupe utility vehicles.

The concept version features a 5-foot cargo beet, which seems like a decent size. More importantly, the cabin is spacious and very comfortable. There is no B-pillar, which allows suicide doors, which in practice means significantly more convenient access to the second row of seats.

Familiar Nameplate

The Rampage is a pretty familiar nameplate. Besides this concept, the nameplate was also used for a ute from the 80s. Unlike Ford and Chevy, which were producing Ranchero and El Camino for decades, Dodge started with such an approach in the 80s, when such vehicles weren’t as popular as before. Therefore, the model wasn’t very successful and production lasted for just a couple of years, between 1982 and 1984.

Dodge Rampage rear

We would definitely like to see new Rampage

Given the current situation on the market, we would definitely love to see a vehicle like this on the market. We believe that such a design has plenty of potentials, especially if it comes a little bit closer to the coupe utility segment, compared to the Dodge Rampage 2006 Concept. Lower ground clearance and a less rugged look is the first thing that comes to mind, but there is much more. Of course, we expect a spacious and comfortable cabin as well, while the powertrain department will be interesting as well.

When it comes to engines, the concept version was powered with the same 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engine we can see today. Of course, the engine has been significantly updated and now features much more power and better efficiency. It can be found in the new Ram 1500 as well. It delivers around 395 horsepower and 410 pound-feet of torque. Moreover, the engine is available with a mild-hybrid system called eTorque. It has a highly positive effect on the fuel economy.

Speaking of the electrifications, this model may be a perfect opportunity for FCA to offer some of the new plug-in hybrid or even all-electric powertrain options.

How likely is the new Dodge Rampage?

Unfortunately, not much. The new model is just nothing more than speculation and the company is still quiet on this matter. Still, this could easily change in the near future if the truck market continues to develop is such speed. Also, we believe that the new model would probably come under Ram’s badge.

Modern Rampage has been revived with a Dodge Hellcat rendering

Dodge Hellcat

Earlier this year, we saw something very interesting. A group of car enthusiasts created a couple of rendering photos that show how the new Rampage would look like. The model is named Dodge Hellcat and things with its design are pretty simple. It is a coupe ute version of the Challenger, which features the same look as the popular muscle car, but with a cargo bed instead of rear seats and trunk. The Dodge Hellcat looks amazing, exactly what we would expect from the new Rampage. Still, the most interesting thing about this model is that it supposes to have a 6.2-liter Supercharged Hellcat under the hood. With more than 700 horsepower, this would be a real drag racer, with a quarter-mile time in about 11 seconds. Read more about Dodge Hellcat here.

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