2021 Dodge Ram Hellcat Is Finally Coming!

Let’s be honest, this is something most truck enthusiasts have been waiting since the first launch of this amazing engine. It all started with the iconic Challenger, but this engine later found the place in the Charger and Jeep Grand Cherokee as well. It looks like it’s finally Ram’s turn, as the 2021 Dodge Ram Hellcat is about to hit the market soon.

The testing model has been already spotted on the road and it looks like the powerful engine will be used for an off-road version, which would come as the Rebel TRX. It’s not hard to guess that FCA is aiming at F-150 Raptor with this model and there is no doubt that this engine will play a critical role in taking the Raptor off the throne. Still, that engine won’ t be the only quality of this engine. We count on all other kinds of upgrades.

2020 Ram Rebel TRX Spy Shot

2021 Dodge Ram Hellcat Engine

Things are pretty clear here. We are talking about a well-known unit that already powers several hi-performance models from FCA, including Challenger and Grand Cherokee. This engine measure 6.2 liters in displacement and features a pretty impressive max output that goes up to 707 or 717 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque, depending on the version.

In any case, this engine would be a huge step up compared to the 3.5-liter twin-turbo from Raptor, which is good for “only” 450 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque. Of course, the Raptor is notably lighter. Still, that won’t be enough to cover a huge margin that will go over 250 horsepower.  So, if we consider that the blue dinosaur needs around 5.8 seconds to hit 60 mpg, it’s quite obvious that the 2021 Dodge Ram Hellcat will be able to make the same speed in a much shorter period.

2016 Rebel TRX Concept

2021 Dodge Ram Hellcat Will Be Reserved for Rebel TRX

The thing you should know is that the new engine won’t be available across the whole range. Moreover, it will be reserved for the model called Rebel TRX, which will be an off-road performance model. Therefore, you may count on various other upgrades, not just on a more powerful engine. Of course, one of the first things that come to mind is a new suspension setup. Of course, higher ground clearance is a certain thing. The new Rebel TRX will sit 2-inches higher compared to the standard Rebel model. Also, count on premium suspension components, which will provide excellent off-road performances, including suspension travel of around 14 inches.

Of course, we count on all kinds of typical off-road upgrades, both in terms of mechanics and aesthetics. Off-road tires and unique wheels seem like a certain thing, as well as skid plates, tow hooks and other things. Naturally, we count on numerous styling details. However, the testing model still wears a camouflage, so it’s hard to be precise at this point.

New Banshee Engine For a More Civilized Version

Besides the new 2021 Dodge Ram Hellcat, we also count on an off-road version with a little bit more civilized engine. This model will probably be called Rebel TR, without the “X” letter and it is expected to come with FCA’s new V8 engine. The new unit will feature a displacement of 7.0 liters and will be codenamed “Banshee”, after the famous fighter jet. Unlike the Hellcat, this will be a naturally-aspirated engine, with a max output of 525 horsepower, roughly.

Hellcat engine

2021 Dodge Ram Hellcat Release Date and Price

We expect to see 2021 Dodge Ram Hellcat sometime in the last quarter of the year. It’s still early to talk about the price, but some sources suggest a sum between 65.000 and 70.000 dollars. On the other side, the TR model with the Banshee engine will probably go around 55.000 dollars.

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