2025 Isuzu D-Max is Getting Hybrid Engine, Off-Road Package

The current generation of the D-Max truck was revisited in 2022. Expectations from the 2025 Isuzu D-Max are big and there are a few reasons. First, it could be time for the next-gen model. Plus, Isuzu stocks are sold to Toyota and Mitsubishi, among other partners. If the truck enters the new generation, not only that look will be updated, but also powertrains.

Since the company is joining forces with Toyota, there is no reason why not to expect the next D-Max to get a hybrid unit. Tacoma already features the I Force Max with extra power. A hybrid system is keeping the gas mileage at the same level. Anyway, that won’t be a ticket for the US appearance. The 2025 Isuzu D-Max will keep diesel units, which are way more popular in the rest of the world where emission standards are not so harsh.

There won’t be big changes on the body though. We might see new colors and features reshuffle to refresh the offer. In regions such as Pacific Asia, the D-Max is one of the most favorite trucks, or utes, how these vehicles are called there.

2025 Isuzu D-Max price

2025 Isuzu D-Max Hybrid Engine

The biggest novelty in the lineup will be the new engine. It should be a hybrid. Toyota should help Isuzu in development, tuning and testing. We still don’t know what type of a system it can be. The 2025 Isuzu D-Max can be compared to the Tacoma. But a 2.4-liter petrol hybrid engine seems a bit too much for non-US markets. It can deliver 325 hp (240 kW) and 465 lb-ft (630 Nm) of torque. Still, the towing capacity is 6,000 pounds (2,700 kg). Current diesel units are more capable of hauling. Plus, the mileage should be similar, while hybrid configurations are way more expensive.

Two oil burners will still be there as the main options. A 1.9-liter turbodiesel is good for 150-180 horsepower. You will find different configurations in different markets. Engineers are dropping a 150-hp setup in favor of a more potent unit. An alternative is a 3.0-liter Ddi with 200 ponies. The torque gets a boost to 340 lb-ft. The towing capacity of both setups is 3,500 kg.

Cosmetic Modifications

The new D-Max debuted in 2022, so the truck won’t introduce some big updates. The truck looks cool with big wheels, although the default setup includes 17-inchers. For example, 20-inch rims would make the 2025 Isuzu D-Max way more aggressive. The new grille looks great on the ute. There might be some changes, but not big ones. Headlights and bumpers could be narrower as well.

Single cab, Space cab and Double cab are the configurations you can pick on the truck. With engines and transmissions (manual and automatic), those are already several choices. Trim levels offer depends on a market where you plan buying the 2025 Isuzu D-Max. Again, in cooperation with Toyota, the D-Max is also aiming for an off-road package.

US Debut is Not Realistic

The US truck market is the biggest in the world. Every truckmaker wants to test its capabilities there. Now, with a hybrid system, the 2025 Isuzu D-Max might be eligible to compete in the main stage. But Isuzu doesn’t have intentions of moving to North America. Yes, the D-Max is a cool and capable truck, as well as the MU-X SUV, but the competition is fearsome and even bigger companies are struggling. Mazda has plants in the US, but the BT50 is yet to be built there. Also Volkswagen.

First, the ute would have problems meeting emission and efficiency standards. A switch to the hybrid engine is not enough. Plus, most buyers will still go after diesel setups.

2025 Isuzu D-Max Release Date

The new 2025 YM will arrive when the company decides what to do with a hybrid engine. The development of the new configuration needs time. Toyota will help, so it will happen sooner than if Isuzu worked alone. Experts estimate the release is set for the second half of next year. The price will be updated as well. Hybrid costs more than both diesel setups.


US market is the biggest, but not the only place where pickups are very popular. Isuzu is not available worldwide, but the company keeps sales in countries where the truck is popular. Pacific Asia, Australia, Europe and South America are the main regions. There you can find some small trucks also available in the US, such as Ford Ranger. Toyota rebadged Tacoma and sells it as Hilux, and Nissan did it as well with Navara (Frontier in the US). Volkswagen will launch the truck in the United States. The German company already builds Amarok and has a few concepts. Mitsubishi L200 and Mazda BT50 completes the truck market.

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