2025 Toyota Tundra HD: What We Know So Far

Last year, rumors about the heavy-duty version of the Tundra truck broke out. News polarized the fandom while rivals were closely monitoring the situation. At this point, it is hard to believe in such speculations. Three US truckmakers are building such vehicles. From what we see, Toyota would have to introduce a lot of novelties. The 2025 Toyota Tundra HD needs a big petrol engine, a diesel unit, and a new platform.

The Japanese company has already given up oil burners. Such engines are not an option for any of their vehicles. For the base Tundra, the interest was huge, but Toyota rubbished all the speculations. Even in markets where diesels are still available, the carmaker is cutting them out. A V8 gas unit is also dropped from big rigs. A V6 is not serious for the HD truck, even if engineers squeeze a lot more power than any of the existing setups.

And finally, let’s mention the destiny of the Nissan Titan XD. It was something close to the HD class, but never at the same level as Ram, Chevy Silverado and Ford heavy-duty class. Nissan already discontinued it, and we hear that the half-ton Titan is also under the question mark beyond the 2024 season.

2025 toyota tundra hd dually

2025 Toyota Tundra HD Pros and Cons

Toyota is a leader in most segments where their vehicles are available, not only in the US, but worldwide. The Japanese company builds the most reliable configurations, the resale value of their trucks and SUVs is the best in the market, and they are always launching innovations and following modern trends.

American truckmakers are generating a lot of profit from the heavy-duty class and the 2025 Toyota Tundra HD can take some share of the pie. However, it is simpler to say than to do. If it is so easy, there would be more than 3 models available (4 if we count GM twins separately).

What does it take to Toyota to become competitive in the heavy-duty segment? They need big and capable engines that will get the job done. So, V8s. Toyota dropped a 5.7-liter V8, one of the best and most reliable big units in past 15 years, to bring a more efficient V6. Outputs are impressive, but petrol units can’t match the performance of diesel engines. Ford F-350 can create 1,200 lb-ft, and Ram is also in the four-digit class. The Chevrolet Silverado 3500 won’t impress you with outputs, but the towing capacity is above 36,000 pounds.


It is safe to say that the 2025 Toyota Tundra HD is a far-fetched story. The company is big and the space for the new vehicle can be created. There is also a profit waiting if the company manages to build a competitive vehicle.

But, everything is so expensive and unpredictable. Plus, the Japanese truckmaker takes a different approach and the heavy-duty class is not their main plan. Instead, we will see the Stout compact pickup first, and then the Tacoma EV. Plus, SUV class is a safe bet, and Toyota already gained the trust of buyers, which is clearly indicated by sales numbers.

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