2025 Ram Rampage Is the New Project by FCA

There are a few interesting facts that tell us why the 2025 Ram Rampage could be back. This utility vehicle was a unibody model produced early in the 1980s. The run didn’t last for too long, but fans remembered the truck. Then, in 2006, the new concept was introduced. Nevertheless, it never entered production. Now, the rumors about the 2025 Ram Rampage are live again. The comeback of unibody trucks opens the door for this model to return.

Ram is working on the small pickup to rival Ford Maverick, Hyundai Santa Cruz, and a few more upcoming models (Toyota Stout is closest to the debut). Fans saw spy photos of this truck and experts assumed it would be out as the Ram 1200 or Ram 800. Also, the Dodge Dakota nameplate showed up. Now, the 2025 Ram Rampage is another cool idea. But, the concept is the same – the FCA needs a compact truck to stay competitive in all segments.

2025 Ram Rampage price

2025 Ram Rampage Spy Photos

The spy photos are there, but the company is not making an official statement about the vehicles on these shots. It leaves a lot of room for speculations. One thing is sure – the manufacturer is testing a pickup truck. A small one. FCA has other segments covered. Plus, they recently announced the Ram Revolution electric pickup. But that is not the only project the company is working on. The 2025 Ram Rampage is a bit unexpected after all the stories about the Ram 1200 and Dodge Dakota. Fans believe in the return of the Dodge badge since the company decided to enter the midsize truck market with the Jeep Gladiator.

2006 Concept vs 2025 YM

The truck was close to a comeback in 2006 when the company introduced a new concept at the Chicago Auto Show. The new project was quite different than its predecessor from the 1980s. Wider and longer, the Rampage 2006 concept could end up in the full-size segment. Ram 1500 is taking that position now, and it is not going to change. Instead, the 2025 Ram Rampage would be a compact pickup. The 2006 concept could offer some interesting solutions, such as front-wheel drive. Such a system is not conventional for trucks designed for towing. But, a small pickup is there for quick deliveries in urban areas. To maximize the cargo space, the 2025 YM could carry over the Stow n Go solution from the old prototype. You would be able to fold seats to maximize the room for items.

Rampage 2006 Concept

Rampage 2006 Concept

2025 Ram Rampage Powertrains

The new pickup is projected for the compact class. So, the engine from the 2006 Rampage concept, a 5.7-liter V8, is not an option for the new truck. A small pickup needs to be efficient, while the towing capacity is not a priority. Around 2,000 lbs is just enough. On the other hand, FCA needs to be competitive against 37 mpg offered by the Ford Maverick Hybrid. The company made a debut in this segment with the Wrangler 4xe, a PHEV. According to sources, the next step is complete electrification. Nevertheless, the Rampage truck and other small crossovers need hybrid system to compete with leaders in these segments.

The vehicle also needs an alternative. Again, we take the Maverick for the comparison. A turbocharged petrol unit needs to crack more than 200 horsepower. Again, the focus is on the gas mileage, not the towing capacity.

2025 Ram Rampage Models

Ram trucks are well-known for its packages. The company is selling a wide range of trim levels for every vehicle. Some of the coolest upgrades will be missing, since they are reserved for high-end trims with huge V8 engines. The most popular packages are TRX, Trackhawk, and Trailhawk, which might end up as one of the editions for the 2025 Ram Rampage. The base truck is usually Tradesman and it is really unimpressive build. Nevertheless, it is the least expensive option. Limited or Laramie trims are equipped with the most exclusive features and accessories. FCA won’t go out with all of them for the new Rampage.

2025 Ram Rampage

When Will 2025 Ram Rampage Come Out?

The company is testing the compact truck, that is what we know about the upcoming vehicle. But its name is still unknown. The 2025 Ram Rampage is just one of the options. We can also find stories about the Ram 1200 and Dodge Ram Dakota. The Rampage is interesting since something similar was introduced in 2006. Fans didn’t forget about it, and it seems the company is still keeping the comeback as an open option.

Price and Competition

Compact trucks cost as low as $25,000. That is where we expect the new Rampage to start. The segment is not overcrowded yet, so the company will have to speed up with the development, production and sales start. Ford is already offering Maverick, Hyundai Santa Cruz is also available, and it is just a matter of time will the Toyota Stout be launched.

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