2025 Kia Mohave Pickup Truck to Debut Next Year

The Kia truck is an interesting story for more than two decades. We are now talking about the 2025 Kia Mohave pickup truck as the company’s first vehicle in this market. But, it all started with the Mojave concept, which didn’t enter production back in the early 2000s.

Over the past few years, rumors about the Kia pickup were based on existing models. So, Mojave concept stories didn’t survive for much longer. Recently, experts turned to big SUVs to find suitable platforms for the truck. For example, Telluride is a seven-seater that can offer architecture. Not impossible. The most recent analysis mentions the Mohave SUV with a ladder frame. Somewhere, you will also find this vehicle called Borrego.

Still, there are some suspicions about the Kia pickup after the debut of Hyundai debuted with Santa Cruz. The Korean company surprised everyone and started producing compact trucks.

2025 Kia Mohave Pickup Truck

2025 Kia Mohave Pickup Truck Engines

A mighty SUV is using a diesel engine only. There is no alternative, although the first generation had a V8 under the hood. Another option that is very unlikely for the United States. Anyway, it is worth of mentioning that the big rig was able to produce 340 horsepower. Now it is possible with a turbocharged V6. Diesel is also pretty potent with 250 hp and 400 lb-ft. There was even a concept vehicle with a fuel-cell drivetrain.

However, all these powerplants are out of the game for the 2025 Kia Mohave pickup truck. So, we are turning to the best potential engine that can happen. That is a V6 you can also find under the bonnet of the Telluride SUV. A 3.8-liter mill showed a lot of potential with 290 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. However, it all depends on the type of truck Mohave is going to be. As a compact pickup, a turbo-four, or even a naturally-aspirated four-cylinder engine is a possibility.

Electric Truck

Another option is opening nowadays. There are more and more pickup concepts that use an electric powertrain. The bad news – not too many are in the production. Even those you can find at dealerships are not the best haulers. Hummer, Mach-E, and Cybertruck can impress you with the specs sheet and towing capacity, but in real life, these numbers drop as you load the truck. Plus, recharging networks are not fully developed to serve massive production and sales.

2025 Kia Mohave Pickup Truck release date

What Will 2025 Kia Mohave Pickup Truck Look Like?

There are hints that the company is working on a pickup truck. Details are limited since we don’t know the size and purpose of the upcoming vehicle. The 2025 Kia Mohave pickup truck will be either a small or a midsize model. In both cases, the vehicle can borrow some design solutions from crossovers and SUVs of a similar size.

Since the truck carries the Mohave name, we assume the best odds are to get a very similar styling as the SUV. There are the first renders, and they look cool. Fans wouldn’t have anything against such a pickup. The bold front fascia with a unique grille and headlights draw attention. The rear end is turned to the bed.

Another version includes the Telluride truck. These rumors are unlikely right from the start. The SUV is doing well in the market, and the failure of the pickup could damage its reputation.


Again, like for the styling and engines, the 2025 Kia Mohave pickup truck will face the competition depending on the slot it takes. Ladder frame of an SUV suits better to the midsize pickup. In that case, the Mohave is competing with Toyota Tacoma, Chevy Colorado, and Ford Ranger. If it takes the unibody concept of the Telluride, the only midsize model with such a configuration is the Honda Ridgeline. But, it doesn’t sell well. If the Mohave pickup is a small truck, then it faces the competition of new vehicles – Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz. The class is growing, and soon we’ll see more vehicles, such as Toyota Stout, Chevy Montana, Ram 1200…

2025 Kia Mohave Pickup Truck price

2025 Kia Mohave Pickup Truck Price and Release Date

Kia needs to speed up the development of the truck. Fans expected it some while ago, and if it happened when the first rumors came out, the Korean company would be on a better spot today. Now, there is a big dilemma about the Mohave truck and its purpose. All segments look promising.

Kia always offers fair deals. The price of its vehicles compared to rivals is competitive. The warranty is probably the thing that makes the difference. The Korean company offers extended coverage than most other carmakers. Its SUVs showed a lot of potential thanks to the reliability, but Kia is not yet at the same level with Toyota, Ford, and other companies with rich history and wide fan bases.

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