Next-Gen 2025 Chevy Silverado Sets Some New Standards in Trucking

Sales started dropping and it was a clear sign for GM people they need to do something about its best product. The 2025 Chevy Silverado is coming as an all-new truck. The redesigned model is taking on the Ford F-150, its nemesis. As a mechanical twin, we can also expect the GMC Sierra to come out with a fresh look.

The current generation is in the market since 2019. The 2025 YM is going to change the exterior and interior. It will be interesting to see what will happen under the hood. There won’t be a hybrid truck, that is for sure. Also, the Silverado EV is introduced and buyers expect it somewhere next year, probably as a model for the 2025 season. Diesel unit might be dropped and we can hear rumors that engineers are also working on a turbocharged V6 that is about to replace V8 units.

The lineup is so wide. Besides styling updates and work on more efficient powerplants, we are also looking for new cab and bed configurations, upgraded trim levels, fresh paintjobs… All in all, the 2025 Chevy Silverado of the new generation will be worth waiting for.

2025 Chevy Silverado towing capacity

Electric Truck Debuts, Diesel to be Dropped

Like its predecessor, the new generation of the truck is bringing some big changes under the hood. Yes, we can say that, because the upcoming Silverado EV won’t have a drivetrain there, but a “frunk” (front-trunk). This is the next step in the evolution of pickup trucks. All the rivals are also preparing the launch of their electric models. General Motors brags about high-end specs – 450 miles of range, speedy recharge and 10k pounds of towing capacity. Well, that is not what you will get for $52,000, which is the expected starting price for the EV. A lighter configuration will likely provide 250-300 miles and 7,000 lbs of towing potential.

Since the future is bringing zero-emission powertrains, the biggest polluters will be discontinued. Duramax diesel is a hard worker. Even the best electric setup can’t match its towing capacity of 13,300 pounds. Chevrolet is a leader here. But, the 2025 Chevy Silverado 1500 is not going to feature an oil burner.

2025 Chevy Silverado

What Happens with V8 Engines?

Not only that cleaner sources of power are going to take over the market from the classic internal combustion engines, but also petrol configurations tend to be more efficient. Large V8 engines are being discontinued recently, and replaced by turbocharged six-cylinder plants. Companies keep high power outputs and smaller blocks consume less fuel. Everything is cheaper with smaller engines – price, maintenance, and they take less space.

But, it will be hard just to drop beloved V8s from the truck market, especially the GM lineup. There are two such engines available – a 5.3 and a 6.2. Ford is still keeping a V8, although they launched a V6 hybrid setup with extra power. Also, big half-ton trucks recently introduced small, turbo-four mills in their base form. This could be just a step towards future changes, where smaller engines are replacing big ones.

2025 Chevy Silverado Performance Truck

We are talking about the discontinuation of V8 engines, and fans would like to see a new one under the bonnet of the 2025 Chevy Silverado. The performance truck is needed to compete with Ram TRX and Ford Raptor R. General Motors has a perfect solution. The only question is if they want to use it.

A supercharged V8 engine debuted on the Cadillac Escalade V-Series luxury SUV. It is producing 680 hp. Engineers could squeeze a bit more power to push the output even closer to the “promise land” – 700 hp club. Main rivals are there, and Chevrolet must show that they still have the potential to compete at every level.

2025 Chevy Silverado Redesign Info

Multiple sources confirmed the 2025 Chevy Silverado will be an all-new truck with a fresh look. But, the test mules are not out yet, so we don’t have details yet. Like for every new model, expect the biggest change on the front fascia. This always works since it is the most recognizable part of the vehicle. New trim levels are about to debut. We mentioned only one – the high-end performance truck. The 2025 Chevrolet Silverado EV will have unique packages.

The company is also developing new systems. Multimedia needs updates every season. This time, GM could go with a completely new Chevrolet Infotainment 4 system with advanced options. One of them is the Super Cruise autonomous drive. The Ultra Cruise is the next-gen package, which will be available only on a few high-end vehicles by GM in the beginning.

The price of the truck will go up. There are plenty of configurations, but the favorite is combining Crew Cab and some mid-range trim level. You will pay such a model $60,000 in 2025. You can save $10,000-$15,000 if you select the WT package without too many options.

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