2025 Tesla Cybertruck Can Go Up To 620 Miles in a Single Charge!

There are big expectations, but it is still hard to believe that electric trucks are going to take over the market so soon. According to some reports, there will be 100k units produced next year. That means a flood of the 2025 Tesla Cybertruck. Actually, it is hard to believe in that, although the owner of the company made some stunning comments about even higher volume of production.

The second problem is the price. Originally, the truck was supposed to cost from $40,000. With all the inflation and other factors, that should be $50k by 2025. In the real world, the truck will rather cost $70,000. That means a lot of refunds. Tesla took more than 1,5 million reservations, with a $100 refundable deposit.

In the meantime, the competition is growing. When the Cybertruck was presented for the first time, there were no too many prototypes tested. Rivian seemed to be the most serious, but it is one of the best trucks that won’t happen. Now, Big Three US truckmakers are preparing their electric pickups. The latest rival introduced to public is the Fisker Alaska.

2025 Tesla Cybertruck release date

2025 Tesla Cybertruck Specs

Electric batteries can show off with power and torque, but these powertrains can hardly replace internal combustion engines when it comes to towing. Plus, the production is more expensive. On the other hand, it is obvious that zero-emission plants are the ultimate goal. Many companies already promise a complete electrification by 2030 and dropping of all petrol and diesel engines. From this point, it seems like a future, but not the close one.

Anyway, the 2025 Tesla Cybertruck will try to lure buyers with different configurations. There are Single, Dual, Tri and Quad Motor setups. The first one will offer 250 miles on a single charge. Top speed should be 110 mph and the EV accelerates to 60 mph from zero in 6.5 seconds. Battery sends power to rear wheels and this is the only model with such system. All others are using AWD.

The Dual Motor increases range to 300 miles and towing capacity to 10,000 lbs. Acceleration is crispier and top speed higher. The Tri Motor setup beats it with 130 mph of the max speed, under 3 seconds to sprint 0-60 mph, 14,000 pounds of towing potential, and the range of 500 miles. It already sounds incredible. But to make things even more unbelievable, there is the Quad Motor configuration. Numbers are following: top speed 150 mph; 0-60 mph acceleration time 2.5 seconds; maximum towing capacity 15,000 pounds; range 620 miles.

2025 Tesla Cybertruck price


Tesla presented its latest project. But, we expected it earlier. And now when the prototype is tested, fansa re still waiting for the sales to start. In the meantime, the competition is growing. The first electric truck that hit the market is a surprise – GMC Hummer. General Motors revived the legendary nameplate, but as an electric truck. Of course, Chevy Silverado will also get its EV version.

Ford is a leader in truck industry. The Blue Oval company follows trends and the F-150 Lightning is Tesla’s rival. Sales of this electric pickup are starting soon. Ram presented its Revolution concept, which completes the Big Three US truckmakers EV lineup. Toyota is a bit slower here. It seems that electric Tacoma is a priority over the bigger Tundra.

There are also many startup projects and ideas. Fisker Alaska is the new model that experts see as a serious competitor. But, only a few years ago, we had half of dozen of such trucks. You might remember Bollinger, Nikola Badger, and probably the most promising one – Rivian R1T. None of them hit the production.

2025 Tesla Cybertruck interior

2025 Tesla Cybertruck Updated Pricing

The company was promising to sell the Cybertruck for $40,000. It wasn’t hard to guess the promise won’t stand when the vehicle hits the market. For $40k, you can’t buy a truck with advanced options, even with a petrol engine. And none Tesla vehicle is cheap. Model 3 electric car costs $40,000 and the truck is way bigger, even compared to the Model Y crossover, which is priced above $50k. Model X SUV costs just under $100k, and this might be a reference. In this case, no one will buy the 2025 Tesla Cybertruck. But, if the company realizes that and doesn’t slap too high price, the electric pickup might have the future. Expect the base Single Motor configuration to cost at least $55,000.

Release Date

The Cybertruck was already supposed to be released. Experts believed it will be the 2023 YM. But now, it is questionable if the truck is coming out next year. Having all this in mind, we are pretty certain that the 2025 Tesla Cybertruck is going to be a debut of the EV.


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