2025 Jeep Gladiator is Finally Getting 4xe

Jeep is back in the truck game after 30 years. The company made an immediate impact with the midsize pickup even though it was absent for so much time. Well, the FCA group is one of the leaders in the trucking segment thanks to the Dodge Ram lineup. The 2025 Jeep Gladiator continues the development of the lineup. As a close relative to the Wrangler, it copies all the moves from the SUV. For the upcoming season, it will be a plug-in hybrid system called 4xe. By then, the Wrangler Magneto could debut with an all-electric drivetrain.

The goal is zero-emission powerplant. PHEV is just a step towards the all-electric truck. The Ram 1500 Rev concept is already out and the Gladiator Magneto is definitely in plans after the 4xe. FCA has other plans too. It seems a compact truck is a priority, at least according to spy photos. The Ram 1200 is about to debut soon (it can be also called the Dodge Dakota). Still, the revisit of the 2025 Jeep Gladiator should also be one of the top concerns.

2025 Jeep Gladiator redesign

The truck is a good option for on- and off-road drive

2025 Jeep Gladiator Redesign, New Colors

As said, the truck is following the steps of the SUV. Wrangler comes out with some design tweaks for the 2024 season. This time the pickup is not going to wait for too long for the redesign and the 2025 YM is about to introduce some changes. We can assume two vehicles will share some solutions, but the 2025 Jeep Gladiator is introducing some unique upgrades and features.

For example, the truck could come with a refreshed grille. There will still be 7-slots. Stealth antenna is a cool upgrade for the SUV and the roof looks more aggressive. The pickup should take it as well. Inside, a 12.3-inch touchscreen is now standard. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now wireless. Off-road packages feature assistance for tough terrains. That is why the Wrangler is one of the best 4×4 vehicles in the market, and borrowing things from it can make the Gladiator a true rival to the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro. Other changes include new accessories across the trim level lineup.

Drivetrains and Towing Capacity

A PHEV is definitely coming. However, it causes other moves. Since the company is trying to build cleaner powertrains, a diesel is becoming redundant. Too bad, although many criticized the Gladiator for using the same oil burner as a larger Ram 1500. A 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6 is probably out of the lineup for the 2025 YM. The 4xe is the replacement.

A 3.6-liter V6 is a standard unit for the truck. That is why the entry-level version is a bit more expensive compared to the competition. It can deliver 285 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. Manual transmission will still be there as an optional gearbox. An 8-speed automatic case is standard and sends power to rear or all wheels. The towing capacity matched the Chevy Colorado class-leading output of 7,700 pounds. Diesel was not so good.

A special version of the Rubicon package will be equipped with a V8 engine. The Gladiator Rubicon 392 packs the truck with 470 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque. We don’t know if the performance truck with a 6.4-liter unit is coming back for the 2025 season.

2025 Jeep Gladiator towing capacity

A midsize truck with the highest towing capacity (7,700 lbs)

2025 Jeep Gladiator 4xe

The plug-in hybrid is one of the certain upgrades on the new Gladiator. Engineers will combine a 2.0-liter turbo-four unit with electric battery to maximize the power. Buyers of the 2025 Jeep Gladiator 4xe can count on 375 hp and 470 lb-ft if the system is the same as the one for the Wrangler SUV. It is questionable how much the pickup with a PHEV setup can tow. The SUV covers 22 miles with electric power only, and when it is out, a petrol engine can deliver 270 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque.

Which 2025 Jeep Gladiator Will be the Best: Rubicon, Mojave, Hercules?

There are plenty of models available for the truck already. Most of them will be carried over. The 4xe makes a debut, while the Rubicon 392 might be dropped. The Sport S is an entry-level version. Willys received a significant upgrade for the latest Wrangler. Still, if you want the best of the 2025 Jeep Gladiator, then high-end models are going to stun the competition.

Even without a V8, the 2025 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon is going to be one of the models that draws the most attention. It is an off-road configuration with even more impressive options, such as Rubicon 392 or Rubicon X. Mojave uses similar features. The Gladiator Hercules is the latest concept by the truckmaker and it can enter production in 2025.

2025 Jeep Gladiator 4xe system

PHEV system will be borrowed from the Wrangler SUV

Release Date and Price

The redesign will make the 2025 Jeep Gladiator one of the hottest trucks of the upcoming season. That is why FCA can’t make mistakes. The competition is very tough. Plus, the base price is above $40,000 already, and after the redesign, it will go even higher. The new 4xe PHEV won’t get you a bargain as well.

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