2025 Chevy Colorado News: ZR2 Bison Package is Available

The new generation of the truck was a bit late. The company planned to launch an all-new Colorado in 2021, but the third-gen pickup had to wait until this season. So, there won’t be big changes in the upcoming models. The 2025 Chevy Colorado might add a new trim level or some option, but visually, the truck remains the same.

The truck looks more aggressive now. It is still a BoF vehicle with the capability to tow a lot. The company also revised options and trim levels. The new Colorado is now available in 5 grades: WT, LT, Trail Boss, Z71 and ZR2. The upcoming upgrades will probably add some special edition.

More big changes happened under the hood. Engineers dropped a V6 petrol unit and a diesel. The new lineup offers three different configurations of a 2.7-liter turbo-four mill. The Turbo Plus with 310 hp matches the towing capacity of the Duramax system. However, 7,700 pounds is not enough to be the #1 towing truck in the mid-size class anymore.

2025 Chevy Colorado

Specs and Towing Capacity

There are again three engine options for the pickup truck. But, they are all different compared to the previous lineup. Instead of a naturally-aspirated four-cylinder drivetrain, a V6 and a turbodiesel plant, there is a 2.7-liter turbo-four petrol unit. The base version of the truck is getting 237 hp and 259 lb-ft of torque. You will find it in the entry-level WT and the LT models. An eight-speed transmission sends power to the rear wheels. The towing capacity is 3,500 pounds. This is a bad result for a midsize truck. Ford Maverick can do 4,000 lbs, and it is a compact pickup with a unibody architecture.

So, if you want a 7,700-pound towing capacity, there is the Turbo Plus setup. The same engine now cracks 310 hp and 390 lb-ft of twist. The same transmission is paired with this engine, which is optional for WT and LT, and standard on the Trail Boss and Z71. While the 2025 Chevy Colorado Turbo Plus can haul as much as the diesel truck in the past, it can’t match the mileage of an oil burner.

The petrol engine also comes in the High Output configuration, which produces 430 lb-ft. Again, we compare it to the diesel unit, and it is better. However, the towing capacity drops to 6,000 lbs. With the 4WD, this engine is standard on the Colorado ZR2 trim.

2025 Chevy Colorado towing capacity

No Hybrid Truck, No Colorado EV

Interesting, the company is not considering hybrid reinforcement for the pickup truck. Well, General Motors is not so into this world. They are electrifying vehicles straight away. Anyway, we still don’t hear any rumors about an electric Colorado, or its mechanical twin GMC Canyon. The EV is definitely a future, not only for pickup trucks, but all other vehicles. Colorado could enter this segment after 2026. In the meantime, we’ll see Hummer EUT and Silverado EV.

2025 Chevy Colorado Trim Levels

Something new will be ready for the 2025 Chevy Colorado. The company is going to add a color or two, and probably a special model. At this point, the company is not unveiling plans.

Since the truck is new, the existing lineup will carry on for a couple of seasons. The entry-level version is the Colorado WT. The Work Truck comes with 17-inch steel wheels, plastic bumpers, halo lights, and cloth upholstery. So, mostly basic things. The infotainment system features an 11-inch screen, an 8-inch cluster, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto services, and six-speaker audio. Highlights of the safety system are emergency braking and lane-keep assist.

The LT switches to alloy wheels. Bumpers and door handles are in the color of the body. Leatherette steering wheel is a notable upgrade inside. Also, the LT is opening more options for additional packages.

The 2025 Chevy Colorado Trail Boss is a great combination of utility and premium options. It doesn’t go too far either way. The most important upgrade is under the hood, where the Turbo Plus setup delivers 310 hp right from the start. The off-road drive is more convenient thanks to all-terrain tires and 2 extra inches of ground clearance. Black badges and wider track are making it more aggressive.

2025 Chevy Colorado interior

When Will 2025 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison Be Available?

If you want to go off the road, then our recommendations are Z71 adn ZR2 models. The first one is built on the LT package and turns it into a vehicle for extreme terrains. Red tow hooks stand out, AWD is standard, and compared to the Trail Boss, it sits 1 inch closer to the ground. Unique 20-inch wheels are available. The best upgrade is the under-vehicle camera.

Colorado ZR2 was always one of the best off-road trucks in the market. Now, with a more potent engine, it is even better. Multimatic valve shocks are upgrading the suspension. Skid plates and rock rails are added as well. Advanced trailering controls are making a difference. That is not all, since the Bison package is becoming optional in 2025. It adds a few cool details, such as a snorkel and bedliner.

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