2024 GMC Syclone Could Return as a Compact (or) Electric Truck

Chevrolet is still a more important GM twin. However, the company is not giving up on the GMC lineup, especially trucks. Chevy is not the second best-seller in the most popular segment, half-ton pickup. Ram 1500 achieves better numbers at the moment. But thanks to the GMC Sierra, General Motors keeps pace with the Ford F-Series. The business is expanding. The new segment is open and we could see some debuts pretty soon. The 2024 GMC Syclone comeback is one of the rumors that make more sense nowadays.

Engineers could do it pretty easily – the company has all it takes to build a compact truck. Such pickup is crossover-based and Equinox would serve as the base. It is a reliable vehicle with a versatile platform. Even a smaller Trailblazer could do the job. Then, there are plenty of drivetrains available and some of them can work perfectly under the hood of the 2024 GMC Syclone. Unfortunately, General Motors is not building hybrids, which can be a big downside. Ford Maverick returns exceptional mileage, and we expect the same from the Rav-4-based Toyota truck.

Building an electric truck is both likely and unlikely option. GM can do it, since the current focus is on the EV class. But the compact truck segment is still new and unexplored. Ford Maverick had a success, but without competition. Now when other companies are after small pickups, there won’t be big profits. But, it can draw the attention of buyers. An electric drivetrain will make the truck more expensive, which takes away one of the main advantages.

2024 GMC Syclone concept

The Comeback

The Syclone was a kind of limited-edition model. The company produced it only in 1991 and there were only 3,000 units delivered to dealerships. So, it was not too popular vehicle. The company won’t have huge benefits of its return. General Motors is holding trademark, so they don’t have to waste time and money for the new one. Besides that, everything about the 2024 GMC Syclone will be upgraded.

The body length needs to be around 195-200 inches. The upcoming truck will also look more aesthetic. The old Syclone was packed with a V8 engine. There is no chance the new one will use a big displacement. A turbocharged four-cylinder unit is more efficient.

2024 GMC Syclone price

2024 GMC Syclone Specs

As the compact truck, the 2024 GMC Syclone won’t need a big engine. The focus is on the efficiency, not towing capacity. As an urban delivery vehicle, small cargo needs to be carried over from point A to point B without wasting too much gas. A pair of turbocharged inline-three mills is already available. Either one looks like a perfect fit for such a purpose. But, outputs are not competitive against existing trucks in the same category. So, GMC needs something stronger than the I3.

If Ford or Toyota had one of these, a hybrid configuration would add extra power and make them more potent. But, that is not something GM is doing. So, a 1.5-liter four-banger jumps in as the main favorite. It delivers 175 hp on the Equinox, but engineers could squeeze a bit more power. Maverick is the starting point for comparisons and its base configuration delivers 190 ponies from a hybrid system.

Additional option is an engine with 250-300 hp. Again, GM can pack Syclone with a powerplant with such outputs. Instead, the company might go after something else. This is a new segment, so all kinds of experiments are allowed. People in General Motors will have to examine market preferences before they make the decision.

2024 GMC Syclone concept

Electric Truck

Whenever we mention a novelty by the General Motors, there is a chance to hear it will be an EV. The company introduced many concepts and some of them are already in the production. Speaking of electric trucks, of course the priority is going to be the Silverado. Hummer is one of the models that already came out. The next one could be the 2024 GMC Syclone. No one can write it off thanks to the reputation of the company. If the Syclone becomes an EV, it will be in the same position as the Maverick now. There won’t be competition, and when electric drivetrains start the takeover, GMC will be in the pole position over the rivals.

2024 GMC Syclone Release Date

The 2024 season is just around the corner and we still don’t have any official preview of the truck. There are some concepts and the GMC could just slap the Syclone nameplate on it. Also, the company is also preparing a model for the Chevrolet’s lineup. Some say it will be Montana, while older fans root for the El Camino’s return. Either way, the truckmaker won’t leave the market share to the competition without a fight. So, some kind of a small pickup will be out, no matter if it is going to be the 2024 GMC Syclone or some other model.

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