2023 GMC Sierra EV is the Newest All-Electric Pickup Truck

The next 2023 GMC Sierra EV is reportedly being developed. The next truck will be entirely new and will probably employ General Motors’ newest electrical components. As you may know, two new models, Chevy Silverado EV and GMC Hummer EV will go on sale next year.

The manufacturer seems to be using the same technology for all future models. On the other hand, the upcoming GMC Sierra EV is likely to separate itself from the Hummer EV in several ways. The pickup truck will be full-size, will compete against the Ford F-150 Lightning, and will be more affordable and work-oriented than the Hummer.

2023 Sierra EV Will Look Unique

As for the exterior design, the new 2023 GMC Sierra EV will be something completely new and unique. As this is an electric variant, more attention should be paid to this model. It will feature a closed grill with contemporary LED headlights.

Currently, we don’t know what the trim levels GMC is offering, but the base variant is certainly more useful than the present Sierra. Unlike the Hummer EV, the GMC Sierra EV is not a work vehicle, but a daily car. Anyway, expect a lot of luxury, both in and out.

2023 GMC Sierra EV spy shots


The upcoming 2023 GMC Sierra EV features higher quality materials and a higher comfort level than the basic model. It will certainly feature a more modern interior and probably the same layout. We may also anticipate more technology and a host of driver support technologies.

Last year, GMC upgraded the basic model and added more standard amenities. General Motors provides a newly 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, Bluetooth connectivity, and USB connections. The centerpiece will of course be GM’s new handsfree Super Cruise driving technology. Once this all-electric model arrives, we anticipate seeing even more luxury.

2023 GMC Sierra EV interior

What About Performances?

GMC is sure to use the same Ultium battery pack as the Hummer EV and Silverado EV trucks. A single-motor rear-wheel-drive is scheduled as standard with two- or three-motor options available in higher trim levels on the 2023 GMC Sierra EV.

However, there are currently no reports on the capacity of the Ultium battery, but we anticipate that GMC will provide a number of battery capacities. Some estimates indicate that smaller batteries drive over 200 miles on a single charge, while bigger batteries can achieve a range of 400 miles. Fast charging functionality will surely also be provided. Unfortunately, we don’t know how much power will the Sierra EV produce.

2023 GMC Sierra EV charging

2023 GMC Sierra EV Price, Release Date

The return of GMC’s emblematic Hummer EV marked the start of the electric pickup truck adventure on the brand. As indicated above, the forthcoming 2023 GMC Sierra EV will be similar to the Hummer EV in certain ways. Many believe that the new electric truck will look like the impending Chevrolet Silverado EV. The pricing is not yet revealed, but the Sierra EV will start at around $60,000 or even more. Sales are expected to start later next year.

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